Monday, February 22, 2010

Get Naked! (Figuratively and Literally)

Sometimes you have to strip bare to reconnect with yourself. It may be a scary thought to be naked, both physically and mentally, but it's also an absolutely freeing experience. Comfort with your raw, unadulterated being is a true gift to self.

Find a time to be utterly alone. Take off your clothes (and your jewelry). Look at your face and body reflected back in a full length mirror. Think about what your body has been through, what it's done for you. Maybe you've carried babies, maybe you've got scars from accidents or surgeries, maybe you have a birthmark shaped like a pitchfork. It doesn't really matter, because it's the only body you'll ever have. Accept it in all its glory, embrace yourself.

Repeat the process with your mind. Strip away all the outside influences, if only for a little while. Don't think about other people's plans or expectations for you. Think your own thoughts. Consider, reflect, let your own inner illuminations come to the surface. You may realize that your thoughts have been trampled by everyone else's noise and chaos. It's ok to be you. As a matter of fact, not being true to you cheats you and those you love.

So go ahead, take it off. Take it all off!


Robin Easton said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!! Powerful, and very well written. I really relate to it. So empowering. Thank you!

VirtualWordsmith said...

Thank you, Robin!